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“A church for the mavericks, dreamers, innovators, artists, musicians, and the outsiders chasing deeper lives in love, justice, beauty, and hope.”

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March 26th – Deeper Cypher West
March 31st – Deeper Cypher SE

April 7th – Cypher Church Event @ CBMCA

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The Curious Deeper

At Cypher Church, we're creating a new kind of experience where people from all walks (spiritual or not), can gather together and capture a foretaste of what God has to offer for our lives and our city. Our once a month events have received fantastic feedback and...

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What do you desire?

This is the text from the inaugural Cypher Church event February 17th, 2017. Do you know what you desire? The very first Cypher Church event was a gathering of artists, musicians, dancers, emcees, lyricist, dreamers, innovators, mavericks, entrepreneurs, single moms,...

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Knowing God vs Being Known BY God

Growing up in the evangelical church I found myself a young person being encouraged to know the ways  of God.  To seek after Him and know His word.  All very valid aspects to my Christian life to this day, but for some reason I found myself floundering in my faith for...

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Maybe Jesus isn’t just trying to save you from hell?

Growing up in a church in the 80’s and 90’s I have vivid memories of church events literally scaring us young people out of hell causing us to say a yearning “YES” to Jesus so we would never have to go to that dreadful place.  I remember the play “Heaven’s Gates,...

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