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“A church for the mavericks, dreamers, innovators, artists, musicians, and the outsiders chasing deeper lives in love, justice, beauty, and hope.”

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December 8th –  Cypher Church Event, 7:00PM CBMCA

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Change Your Story: Past – Present – Future

At Cypher Church Events, we intentionally include multiple voices so we can hear multiple stories. We do this because stories matter. It's within stories we capture pieces of ourselves. We hear a moment, trial, or triumph, from someone else and realize--that happened...

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Change the story for beauty – #changethestory by Rohadi

This is the final instalment of a theme called #changethestory, a series of spoken word pieces from members of Cypher Church. This piece was written by me, one of the pastors of Cypher Church. The purpose of this series was to spark something intentional in the...

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“I Invite You” #changethestory by Zoe

It's a 2017 kind of feeling, Reach up and touch the ceiling of clouds. Under the microscope of all the things we don't know, And which way should you go, when all the stop lights are greeny yellow and threatening red liquid. Up in your system, slow down and listen....

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#changethestory – by Rubix

We continue our spoken word series of #changethestory that was presented at our last Cypher Church Event. Here we feature Ryan, a,k,a 'Rubix'.   Our Father I rest on the 7th Hollow feels my veins. Thy pain will come, Destruction done, this earth doesn't feel like...

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DO THIS #changethestory

We continue our series #changethestory with our very own Connie Jakab. I know, I feel it too. It hurts, it shakes us to our core but we must no longer ignore how we feel but feel Feel and rise. Rise together to say: We will not fear hate We will not give in to the...

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#changethestory – The Truth about Tragedy 

Our series featuring the poems and verses from our community at our recent Cypher Church event continues. This feature set contains explicit language. The Truth about Tragedy -- by Bryan F-- There are are no words for the comfort you're seeking I don't have magical...

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