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“A church for the mavericks, dreamers, innovators, artists, musicians, and the outsiders chasing deeper lives in love, justice, beauty, and hope.”

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November 3rd –  Cypher Church Event, 7:00PM CBMCA

December 8th –  Cypher Church Event, 7:00PM CBMCA

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DO THIS #changethestory

We continue our series #changethestory with our very own Connie Jakab. I know, I feel it too. It hurts, it shakes us to our core but we must no longer ignore how we feel but feel Feel and rise. Rise together to say: We will not fear hate We will not give in to the...

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#changethestory – The Truth about Tragedy 

Our series featuring the poems and verses from our community at our recent Cypher Church event continues. This feature set contains explicit language. The Truth about Tragedy -- by Bryan F-- There are are no words for the comfort you're seeking I don't have magical...

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#changethestory – poem series

This week we will be featuring some of the spoken word and poems offered at our last Cypher Church event. They continue our series on #changethestory from brokenness, indifference, and evil. Our first one was written by Alyssa. Fear attacks vulnerability, leads to...

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On Friday, October 6th, we had our monthly event. As with most of our events, we really have no idea what's going to happen. We usually open with a style of worship surrounding the cypher. The concept is a circle dance where musicians, lyricists, emcees, dancers, can...

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Unity in Diversity

One of the first things you'll notice when you visit one of the Cypher Church Events is the diversity of the people. The second thing you'll notice is the cypher--the circle we form as we express our worship through movement, lyric, song, and rhyme. There's something...

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Inspired by KRUMP

Check out this powerful piece from our last Cypher Church event. KRUMP is a dance movement regarded for its aggressive style. This expressions blows that assumption out of the water. Props to Oliver and Alberts from Empirical...

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