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“A church for the mavericks, dreamers, innovators, artists, musicians, and the outsiders chasing deeper lives in love, justice, beauty, and hope.”

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June 20th – Cypher Q, 7:30PM @ Kensington Pub
June 25th – Deeper Cypher West, 5:00PM
July 7th – Cypher Church Event, 7:00PM

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Latest Blog Entries

God Can’t Use You

There's a religious saying that's out of place. When someone exhibits some skill or gift, or is feeling a little down, someone else will come alongside and say something along the lines, "...God can use you for his purposes!" The intent is benign but the statement is...

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Artist Feature: Masani

Every Cypher Church Event we aim to feature artists connected to our community. We believe it's important to raise the prominence of the arts because beauty is a central part of God's hope for creation. This month we feature, Masani! Here's a little bit about her. A...

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Calling the outsiders

This was the message from our June 2nd, Cypher Church Event Here are some questions to ponder about your life. If someone asked you, What are you called to be? What are you about? How would you respond? Do you believe that your gifts, abilities, hey what are you good...

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Heaven Now

Last February, we had Emmanuel Jal in for a World Vision event. He had one line that stuck with me. To paraphrase, Many religious people are holding out for heaven later. I believe we can capture heaven now. And he's absolutely right. A hope that rests on escaping...

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Cypher Church Fire Event

A spoken word from our last Cypher Church Event. We loosely follow the church calendar which would put this past event at Pentecost--the time when the Spirit of God (symbolized in fire) decends on the people. This moment is regarded as the first group called to be the...

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Artist Feature: Amber Leigh Bent

One of the critical elements of Cypher Church is to feature artists connected to our community at each gathering. Art and beauty are important components of faith and we want to celebrate these gifts. This past Event we had the pleasure of featuring Amber Leigh Bent....

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