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Author: rohadi

Advent – Christ

We conclude our advent series from our recent Cypher Church Event with this piece by, Natan Yo-el Lenet. Immanu El’s Light Its been a long time that you and I have been waiting here in darkness, Fatherless.. Huddled around this small fire holding onto only a promise a word spoken and prophesied That a fateful day would arrive when the sun would dawn finally shedding hope on the blind You see, Its all shadows and grey outside Ever since we ran from Dad’s home We’ve been wrestling for control Self actualized…disguised traps Starving children on forest pathways Attacked on...

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Advent – Love

We continue our spoken word series from our last Cypher Church Event, with LOVE. This one was written and performed by Krizia. L is for the way you look at me O is for the only one I see V is very very, extraordinary and E is even more than anyone that you adore can… LOVE ____ Love, Love, Love One simple word that goes beyond expression, the depth of such entity requires life’s devotion. What is love to you? How do you define it? This is a question that plagued the human mind since the very beginning, an...

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Advent – Joy

We continue featuring the spoken word advent pieces that were shared our last Cypher Church Event. This edition by Colton. There is this feeling. The only way I can describe it, is overwhelming. It’s consuming. This feeling is ingrained in us from childhood. But as we age, life starts to get in the way. See this feeling I’m talking about, is one of pure Joy. The feeling you had as a young girl or boy. Where your laughter was unable to be contained. And your smile shined radiantly everyday. Through my years I have lost this feeling. Maybe you...

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Advent – Peace

We asked five individuals from our community to come up with a spoken word piece for Advent. In this edition, “PEAC”, by Bryan. Peace is for… The need for peace is greatest during times of war…appreciated only after being ignored. Hippie slang for weak and sore, so maybe you should keep your anger stored cuz at its core, soft times make for soft people, soft people make for hard times, and the hardest of times harden the softest of people. So what’s peace for? If war is hell, then peace is heaven, and it must be better than what...

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Advent – Hope

We asked five individuals from our community to come up with a spoken word piece for Advent. In this edition, “HOPE”, by Nora. Ironic; How the tears are what keep my face soft, They wet my skin often, but always dry off with the suns sweet kiss when He rises. And He always rises – I love that. Mighty Lion, heavens wild cat He greets me, holding the mason jar of all those tears. And One by one he takes them, carefully examines them; and in His hands we watch as they turn into all these little seeds, peony...

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