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Author: rohadi

you deserve what you crave

Have you ever met someone so self-absorbed or overly concerned about what others think of them they’re hard to be around? Consumerism contributes to a lifestyle that overvalues accumulating stuff and desires. It presumes worth is connected to the accumulation of things for others to see. It suggests whatever you crave, you deserve, and should be able to purchase for your own enjoyment. We ironically devalue ourselves by trying to purchase the very best “selves”, and when that doesn’t work, we live vicariously through others who can wishing to be like them. Do you know someone like this? Consumerism...

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God Can’t Use You

There’s a religious saying that’s out of place. When someone exhibits some skill or gift, or is feeling a little down, someone else will come alongside and say something along the lines, “…God can use you for his purposes!” The intent is benign but the statement is false. Think about this way, if two friends were talking about a new relationship and one said, “I can’t wait to be used for his purposes!” There would be stunned silence. There should be. God can’t use you. We abuse the things we use. Rather, what God has for you is better. You’re invited to respond to live out the fullness of your humanity by participating in God’s unfolding dream in our world. The things that you crave: love, justice, beauty, hope, are things found in God’s purpose for you. But it’s not a purpose to be used. It’s invitation. You decide if that life is something you want to be a part...

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Artist Feature: Masani

Every Cypher Church Event we aim to feature artists connected to our community. We believe it’s important to raise the prominence of the arts because beauty is a central part of God’s hope for creation. This month we feature, Masani! Here’s a little bit about her. A native Calgarian who immersed into dancing at the tender age of 3, specializing in West African and Caribbean dance. Upon the introduction to dance, Masani found passion for the West African culture and style. It was through training under Michèle Moss-Johnston at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, she was able to build her foundation....

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Calling the outsiders

This was the message from our June 2nd, Cypher Church Event Here are some questions to ponder about your life. If someone asked you, What are you called to be? What are you about? How would you respond? Do you believe that your gifts, abilities, hey what are you good at, matter? The one act. The one movement. The one moment in time we choose to make the world in our world better. Is that how you’d describe your life? Do you believe in your capabilities? Do you believe you can even make a difference? Maybe in this moment...

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Heaven Now

Last February, we had Emmanuel Jal in for a World Vision event. He had one line that stuck with me. To paraphrase, Many religious people are holding out for heaven later. I believe we can capture heaven now. And he’s absolutely right. A hope that rests on escaping this world to spend eternity in the clouds is a false hope (or rather an incomplete one). In fact, very little about heaven is talked about throughout the Bible. Rather, our hope, which is God’s hope, is about restoring what’s here; this world is going to be redeemed. The Christian hope...

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