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Author: rohadi

Advent – Hope

We asked five individuals from our community to come up with a spoken word piece for Advent. In this edition, “HOPE”, by Nora. Ironic; How the tears are what keep my face soft, They wet my skin often, but always dry off with the suns sweet kiss when He rises. And He always rises – I love that. Mighty Lion, heavens wild cat He greets me, holding the mason jar of all those tears. And One by one he takes them, carefully examines them; and in His hands we watch as they turn into all these little seeds, peony...

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Change Your Story: Past – Present – Future

At Cypher Church Events, we intentionally include multiple voices so we can hear multiple stories. We do this because stories matter. It’s within stories we capture pieces of ourselves. We hear a moment, trial, or triumph, from someone else and realize–that happened to me! You discover you’re not alone in your own journey. Think about that journey–your story. If I asked you: what’s your story? How would you reply? Would you tell me about your past? Would it be the social media version that only contained the best highlights? Is it defined by how others view you? Would you...

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Change the story for beauty – #changethestory by Rohadi

This is the final instalment of a theme called #changethestory, a series of spoken word pieces from members of Cypher Church. This piece was written by me, one of the pastors of Cypher Church. The purpose of this series was to spark something intentional in the activity of our church, something beyond statements of disbelief around growing evil and racism in our world. We want to compel activity, we want actions, we want our church shaping our city to better.... I want to tell you a story One you probably already know. Bits and pieces about the here and...

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“I Invite You” #changethestory by Zoe

It’s a 2017 kind of feeling, Reach up and touch the ceiling of clouds. Under the microscope of all the things we don’t know, And which way should you go, when all the stop lights are greeny yellow and threatening red liquid. Up in your system, slow down and listen. These words are being channeled like I am the opposition to all that’s hit or missing. Along these parallels, and wayward spells. “Who are you?” Says the man behind the counter, “What’s your business here?!” “Yo dude, I’m just a beat rocking, hip hopping, gotta keep going till I’ve gotten it in me and digested it kind of lady.” Hey baby, you wanna roll that dice. See if life’s playing nice? Count one skip to thrice and while the crowd’s shouting, “It’s alright”… We’ve got babies dying, mother’s crying, and the world’s just watching. Because we are the world. Him and her and you and me. And in this day and age, if there’s ever gonna be change, we’re gonna have to make it. We’re going to have to rock, rattle and shake it. Move the system and get them to listen. Show them that we’re ready to stand up and say “No. That’s enough.” Look them dead in the eye and call society’s bluff. Stop the stress and the struggle and the power over the humble. Slow down...

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#changethestory – by Rubix

We continue our spoken word series of #changethestory that was presented at our last Cypher Church Event. Here we feature Ryan, a,k,a ‘Rubix’.   Our Father I rest on the 7th Hollow feels my veins. Thy pain will come, Destruction done, this earth doesn’t feel like heaven. Grant us strenght for forgiveness, ease the heart of the wicked. As we bleed tears that fall into the chalice of hatred. Malice in wonderland, Queen of cold hearts. Black magic tactics, dreams are sold dark. Sacred name on the dollar bill for the country that fathers will, hope & determination to burn the nation. Humanity is not delivered, just cold shivers and gold slivers from ropes that bind heart scars together. Reign of death showers upon the innocent. If hell is on earth then maybe the losses were heaven sent. How do you heal memories of the bleeding deceased? Reacting with anger might just be feeding the beast. I can only hope that they were leaving in peace, media deception, newspaper poker, read em and weep. Why do we throw shade at people with different shades as if it seperates us like different age, Yet we from the same book, each a different page. Still our animal nature think we in a different cage. But look around you, we all affected by the same negativity. Fed the same bullshit perspective thoughts...

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