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Author: rohadi

#changethestory – The Truth about Tragedy 

Our series featuring the poems and verses from our community at our recent Cypher Church event continues. This feature set contains explicit language. The Truth about Tragedy — by Bryan F– There are are no words for the comfort you’re seeking I don’t have magical sentences that give the meaningless meaning. My Vocabulary isn’t necessary or soothing to hear when media mobs both prey daily and feed fear into your ear I can’t say anything to justify pain and loss, like I’m some divine saviour lyricist to help you make order out of chaos How weird is it that now is the time when I should be speechless, shut the fucking fuck up for once and just let myself feel this…flashback…to the last time and the last time and the last time that this happened…Eventually you’re just recapping the memory of a feeling of a memory of a feeling…and then the things you use to feel…go numb. So I have no master plan laid out, no trick plays to play out, so what? What could you or me or anyone possibly have to say worth saying anything about?! …. This world is fucked man…this world is fucked. So Which is more just?…to trust that this was not just a realm of forsaken, deliberately mikstakened land…or a reality where he…he just simply forgot about us…. I look above and pray...

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#changethestory – poem series

This week we will be featuring some of the spoken word and poems offered at our last Cypher Church event. They continue our series on #changethestory from brokenness, indifference, and evil. Our first one was written by Alyssa. Fear attacks vulnerability, leads to isolation, and destroys true community. This is my string of thoughts. About Fear My fear of conflict mutes my words. My mind, my ears, my eyes, my mouth. They’re open. Agape. Waiting. Wishing. No sound, but there’s a storm in my heart, a wind in my soul. It’s raging, But I can’t speak. I’m afraid. Disharmony is too toxic, it’s too unsettled. Give me back my comfort. I like this invisibility cloak, these walls I’ve built around me, this shelter I’ve permitted. It’s warm and cozy and far from reality. Wrap me in my security blanket of ignorance and fear. Ease me with that song of misinformed light I can hear. I like my comfortable box where I sit, Away from the truth and the fires I’ve lit. I like both my cheeks. I won’t have them turned. I won’t let them drain colour or have them be burned. Keep all your stories. Don’t stand in my doorway. I won’t listen. I can’t hear through my hat pulled low. I can’t see through my tinted lens I’ve perfected To shut you all out. You all. Them....

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On Friday, October 6th, we had our monthly event. As with most of our events, we really have no idea what’s going to happen. We usually open with a style of worship surrounding the cypher. The concept is a circle dance where musicians, lyricists, emcees, dancers, can get together and express. Thanks to Legacy One for joining us as our featured artists. This particular Friday evening had an additional element. Our world, or at least the portrayal of it, is in turmoil. Growing evil is gaining voice, and the church should be at the forefront to confront this message with something better. Beyond just a Sunday statement, what can we do as Cypher Church to point to better? We asked the community, and they responded in a huge way. The cypher got off to a hot start and didn’t slow for 45 minutes! Then we heard from the voices. Nine separate spoken word pieces and poems took the stage. The theme? #changethestory In the age of indifference we need to change the story to God’s story–a dream to restore the brokenness. We capped the evening off with our featured artists from Legacy One, and then with communion, a first for a our events. The response? Incredible. A true display of unity in diversity when people of all types, walks, beliefs, drew together around Jesus to stake their claim to...

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Unity in Diversity

One of the first things you’ll notice when you visit one of the Cypher Church Events is the diversity of the people. The second thing you’ll notice is the cypher–the circle we form as we express our worship through movement, lyric, song, and rhyme. There’s something unique, that you can almost feel, when a group of strangers get together and…dance! Some people are better than others dancing, but that’s not the point. The cypher is an invitation that offers you the choice to participate. No matter how good your movements, even if it’s just a little sway, when you join...

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Inspired by KRUMP

Check out this powerful piece from our last Cypher Church event. KRUMP is a dance movement regarded for its aggressive style. This expressions blows that assumption out of the water. Props to Oliver and Alberts from Empirical...

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