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Author: rohadi

The Gospel According to Kendrick

The way you start the story changes everything. Kendrick Lamar and Chance are two of the top rappers in the game, and both have a way to reflect their perspectives on contemporary religion. Miguelito wrote an astute piece over at DJ Booth discussing the juxtaposition. It’s worth the read. Kendrick actually responds later here. In his response, he expands on the way he views hit faith. If Chance offers a more ‘positive’, blessings from above approach, Lamar provides the opposite, a more pragmatic (and traditional) approach to God. Some prefer this approach. Religious institutions fear the constant pressure of...

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Bad Dreams: Heaven vs. Hell

If you believe the hype, most religions think maintaining right behaviour and where you end up when you die (eternity in heaven or hell) matters most. Religion becomes a gatekeeper for what and who qualifies. Usually, that includes a chief list of morals you need to follow, and if you don’t make the cut, shame on you. Easter is the holiest season for Christians, where the cross and resurrection are celebrated. The stories of why Easter is important, however, vary. Some tell it like this. Jesus died on the cross because God needed a sacrifice to appease his anger. When we believe...

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The Best Life and the Cross

*This post was part of the teaching moment at our last Cypher Church event April 7th.* Easter is the holiest week for Christians who commemorate and celebrate Jesus, the cross, and the empty tomb. Whether you’re religious or not, chances are you have some connection with Easter. For a moment, however, put aside what you know and consider some new questions. Questions like, what does Easter and the cross do and how does it solve anything? The answers to these questions might surprise you. But first there’s a discovery: we all share something in common with the cross…. You...

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The Curious Deeper

At Cypher Church, we’re creating a new kind of experience where people from all walks (spiritual or not), can gather together and capture a foretaste of what God has to offer for our lives and our city. Our once a month events have received fantastic feedback and we’re keen to do more. But there’s something deeper we’re chasing other than a cool event…. Notice, I didn’t say we’re chasing more. More implies we have to add to our already busy lives, and most of us don’t need more BUSY (and culturally I think we need to work against the value of looking too busy). We’re after deeper. Deeper in the relationships we already have, and new ones we’re making. Cypher Church is in the midst of creating new small groups of people who gather together not just to hang out, although that’s important, but to share life together in a meaningful way. We’re saying ‘no’ to shallow connections, and ‘yes’, to deeper. How do we do this? Sharing life simply means getting together, usually around a meal, and doing simple practices like talking about our week, our trials, and praying for one another. In one of our groups we chatted about how it’s one thing to get together and talk with some friends, but we’re trying to build a church that’s family. That’s a different kind of buy in,...

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What do you desire?

This is the text from the inaugural Cypher Church event February 17th, 2017. Do you know what you desire? The very first Cypher Church event was a gathering of artists, musicians, dancers, emcees, lyricist, dreamers, innovators, mavericks, entrepreneurs, single moms, everyone you would assume as an OUTSIDER of mainstream. Outsiders have different ideas and think in different ways then what’s expected and average. Some come from a church background but realize that the ideas they have might differ from the way the church operates. Others might be spiritual but not religious, trying to figure out a voice, and realize...

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