This was the message from our June 2nd, Cypher Church Event

Here are some questions to ponder about your life. If someone asked you,

What are you called to be? What are you about?

How would you respond?

Do you believe that your gifts, abilities, hey what are you good at, matter?

The one act. The one movement. The one moment in time we choose to make the world in our world better.
Is that how you’d describe your life?

Do you believe in your capabilities?
Do you believe you can even make a difference?

Maybe in this moment you feel stuck?

Searching for purpose and calling.
Pushed to and fro
to places I’m supposed to be,
people I’m supposed to see,
and person I’m told to become.

Sound like I’m missing a strong identity.

Without those pieces that make me ME
I’m prone to be used as beneficiary
by those with consumer mentality.

Religious people that to.
Without identity others say,
Don’t you know?
“God can use you and your gifts too!”
God can use you?
We abuse what we use.
Imagine friends remarking,
“I can’t wait to be used for his purposes.”
But it’s not true; God can’t use.

Rather your gifts, your vision, your powerful traits.
You are invited, your calling an invitation,
to discover identity within a new family.

God’s calling you to come see and be.
A story to restore all brokenness that you hold.
A call to love and fulness of a life here and now.
Transformations and movements of beauty.

I want to dream a vision as BIG as the world.
A calling to live out the fullness of our humanity
discovered when we can rest sure in our identity
of a life, a vision, that receives AND gives.

Not identity for me alone
because by myself I know I’m incomplete.

Yet when one brings vision, dreams, gifts, abilities,
And combines;
with God, combines into WE.
The power of we—with confident identity
together can cause impact into infinity.

We then ask What will WE do?
in the one act, the one choice,
the one moment in time chasing dreams to make the world in our world—better.

How will you go from here? The one act, one movement, one choice to choose different? We wanna hear those stories.