We continue our series #changethestory with our very own Connie Jakab.

I know, I feel it too.
It hurts, it shakes us to our core
but we must no longer ignore how we feel
but feel
Feel and rise.
Rise together to say:

We will not fear hate

We will not give in to the walls that divide because that’s what fear does,
It makes me question my brother of another colour
wondering what they are doing undercover

And so I retreat.
Retreat away from those who seem different than me,
those “others” I was told to stay away from.
I wrap myself in the comfort of those who
look like me
think like me
talk like me
smell like me
And I think this is what it feels like to be free.

But it’s only a different prison.

One that makes my world conditioned to my thoughts and familiarity
I don’t dare look past what my eye can see.
The truth is that we do not gain strength from isolation but from collective ability.
This is how we are formed in our brain’s biology.

We’ve sorted ourselves into factions only associating interactions that affirm our own rations.
We turn away from the “other” towards blame, rage,
wanting to know who to cage.
Who is the enemy?
When the enemy is found and caged only another arises to another and another until we are all caged.

We run from one an”other” rather than dancing and praying with one an”other”.
Can I join hands with a terrorist?
a murderer?
a racist?
Can I extend love to my enemy?

Perhaps that’s what this world needs?
Less fear, more listening.
Less dehumanizing, more harmonizing.

But someone has to lay themselves down in order for fear to break.
I know someone.

Someone who said, “This is my body broken for you,
Someone who said, “This is my blood spilled for you,

“Father forgive them, they don’t know what they do”
Father forgive.

This is my body broken for you.
Will you allow yourself to be broken for an”other”?
This is my blood spilled for you. Will you allow yourself to be spilled for a brother?

DO THIS in remembrance of me.
It’s so much more than eating a cracker and sipping some wine,
because when we empty ourselves for an”other” we connect with that which is divine;
the divine invitation to partake in Him and one an”other”.

“Father I pray they would be one as we are one”.
No greater glory is this to lay down your glory for someone,
an “other”.

Because in Him there is no “other”.

We belong to Him and to one an”other”
therefore we must empty ourselves and come back to connection.
Commit to stand in truth’s direction, one that

This is my body broken for you,
my brother, my sister,
the other.