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“A church for the mavericks, dreamers, innovators, artists, musicians, and the outsiders chasing deeper lives in love, justice, beauty, and hope.”


Nov 9 – ***
Nov 15 – Teach
Nov 16-17 – Rewritten Show
Nov 18 – Brunch
Nov 19 – Prayer

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What do you want? A story about a rich man and a beggar

There's a story about a rich man. He has everything he needs, built through hard work and sticking to his goals. Land, assets, toys, and prominence in the city. He's got the Instagram fame and the wealth to back it up. By maintaining control over the different parts...

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Old to New, giving up the chaos for a life of health

When was the last time your life was in chaos? Maybe it's in a period of turmoil right now? It really doesn't matter who you are or what you do, chaotic moments in life will find you. Often, other people bring chaos into our lives and we have little control over the...

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Easter Sunday is Here!

Today is Easter Sunday, also called resurrection Sunday. It’s the most holy day in the Christian calendar. A day that has nothing to do with chocolate eggs or bunnies. Rather, a day that cataclysmically altered the history of humanity. To understand why we need to...

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Good Friday?

Today is Good Friday. It marks the start of the most holy week in the Christian faith. What’s so "good" about Good Friday? On the surface, nothing really. In fact, it was a day and night of utter defeat that led to the cruxifixction of Jesus. Let’s go back to that...

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Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday. It marks seven days until Easter Sunday. The feast celebrates the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem before his last week. In ancient Rome the palms symbolize peace and victory for conquering heroes. But Jesus had other ideas. You have to...

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The Spiritual Journey of Your Favourite Hero Story

Stories matter. At Cypher Church we try to include many different voices at our events because we believe in the shared voices from the community. It's in these voices where we discover pieces of ourselves. By listening to how someone went through ups and downs in...

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