This week we will be featuring some of the spoken word and poems offered at our last Cypher Church event. They continue our series on #changethestory from brokenness, indifference, and evil. Our first one was written by Alyssa.

Fear attacks vulnerability, leads to isolation, and destroys true community.
This is my string of thoughts.

About Fear

My fear of conflict mutes my words.
My mind, my ears, my eyes, my mouth. They’re open.
Agape. Waiting. Wishing.
No sound, but there’s a storm in my heart, a wind in my soul. It’s raging,
But I can’t speak.

I’m afraid.
Disharmony is too toxic, it’s too unsettled.
Give me back my comfort.
I like this invisibility cloak, these walls I’ve built around me, this shelter I’ve permitted.
It’s warm and cozy and far from reality.

Wrap me in my security blanket
of ignorance and fear.
Ease me with that song of misinformed light I can hear.
I like my comfortable box where I sit,
Away from the truth and the fires I’ve lit.
I like both my cheeks. I won’t have them turned.
I won’t let them drain colour or have them be burned.

Keep all your stories.
Don’t stand in my doorway. I won’t listen.
I can’t hear through my hat pulled low.
I can’t see through my tinted lens I’ve perfected
To shut you all out.

You all. Them. Those people. That bunch.
I don’t like you, that’s based on my hunch.
My hunch is the ugly that soothes me at night,
when you try to force me to hear of your plight.
My hunch is you’re wrong,
You’re being vindictive.
You’re causing the cramp in my side.
You’re jealous,
You want all my pie.

My hunch is you’re all wrong, and me?
I like being right.