It’s a 2017 kind of feeling,
Reach up and touch the ceiling of clouds.
Under the microscope of all the things we don’t know,
And which way should you go, when all the stop lights are greeny yellow and threatening red liquid.

Up in your system, slow down and listen.
These words are being channeled like I am the opposition to all that’s hit or missing.
Along these parallels, and wayward spells.
“Who are you?” Says the man behind the counter, “What’s your business here?!”
“Yo dude, I’m just a beat rocking, hip hopping, gotta keep going till I’ve gotten it in me and digested it kind of lady.”

Hey baby, you wanna roll that dice. See if life’s playing nice?
Count one skip to thrice and while the crowd’s shouting, “It’s alright”… We’ve got babies dying, mother’s crying, and the world’s just watching.
Because we are the world. Him and her and you and me. And in this day and age, if there’s ever gonna be change, we’re gonna have to make it. We’re going to have to rock, rattle and shake it.
Move the system and get them to listen. Show them that we’re ready to stand up and say “No. That’s enough.” Look them dead in the eye and call society’s bluff.

Stop the stress and the struggle and the power over the humble. Slow down from the panic, pill popping and medicating our children into submission.
Step away from the fear, and the cultural barriers that are rammed down our throats.

Cause I’m tough, and I’m tired. And I admit a bit wired! From all this frustration, I’m tryna strive for elation.
In this city, this country, this planet, this earth. We all deserve power and to know our self worth.
With one fight, one success, one movement for change… We can make a difference, and our target’s within range.

So don’t always do what they tell you. Don’t always play in safe. If you’re willing, you’re able, to be released from the headache.
Let go of the struggle for power, scream for our leaders to hear, that we don’t want money to top the priority list this year.
We want peace, we want compassion, we want community support.
We want love, life learning and a solution to the hurt.

What I offer are my words, voice and my strength. To encourage each person, to wake up each day… And create a community. Reach out, find your passion. Say yes to the good in all people, the masses.
Embrace our wise elders, and encourage our youth. Age should not separate us, and that is the truth.
We all deserve to feel joy, we all deserve to feel hope.
Let’s connect, with respect. Be present. Ready, set, go.