We continue featuring the spoken word advent pieces that were shared our last Cypher Church Event. This edition by Colton.

There is this feeling.
The only way I can describe it, is overwhelming.
It’s consuming.
This feeling is ingrained in us from childhood.
But as we age, life starts to get in the way.
See this feeling I’m talking about, is one of pure Joy.
The feeling you had as a young girl or boy.
Where your laughter was unable to be contained.
And your smile shined radiantly everyday.
Through my years I have lost this feeling.
Maybe you have too.
But one thing I know.
Jesus, Emmanuel died to return it to you.
Joy is freedom, freedom from bondage.
It’s much greater than simply feeling happy.
Freedom feels like you are soaring miles above the earth.
Freedom is being lost in nature, God’s handiwork.
Without freedom there cannot be everlasting Joy.
The only way to gain freedom is to live a life with Jesus Christ.
So if Jesus is freedom, and freedom is Joy.
Than I will rejoice my whole life.
For this Joy in life he chose to restore.
So I challenge you tonight if you have lost sight of your smile.
If you have grown deft to your laugh.
Look to Jesus and ask for them back.