We continue our spoken word series from our last Cypher Church Event, with LOVE. This one was written and performed by Krizia.

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very very, extraordinary and
E is even more than anyone that you adore can…


Love, Love, Love

One simple word that goes beyond expression,
the depth of such entity requires life’s devotion.
What is love to you?
How do you define it?

This is a question that plagued the human mind since the very beginning,
an intangible, irrational, yet, irresistible feeling…

To be inspired to fight through wars.
To dream so big past Jupiter and Mars.
To write corny songs,
that will heal us from our wrongs.

To suffer abject misery,
for a spark with little potency.
To lose ourselves because of our own dependencies.


What is this intangible, irrational, yet, irresistible feeling?

I looked at you when I first opened my eyes.
I was your gift and you were mine.
Though I may not quite remember,
it was two months past December.
You were the one that prayed for my Spirit to descend from the sky.

You nurtured me in a way I could not comprehend at the time,
two souls joined as one, a journey through eternity as they help me to become.
Countless sacrifice past affection,
they consistently held me despite numerous rejections.

I am who I am because of them,
the physical manifestation of the truest and deepest love existing in this realm.

I am who I am because of them,
surrendered spirits in the heavenly realm.

I am who I am because of them,
Mother and Father is what I call them.

Love, Love, Love…is always given.


I took it for granted because they’re consistently there.
Pouring their love to me in their day to day stare.
Blinded by my own blessings,
the tragedy of love’s normality,
the exquisite power of love’s simplicity.

Made so complex because of our own fallen identity;
Disillusioned beings living in the norm of a fallen humanity.

This is reality.

Love, Love, Love… Is it really an intangible, irrational, and irresistible FEELING?

What are you?
Who are you?


I searched for you in the farthest ends of the sea,
travelled the world, looking for you and what you meant to me.
I always knew you existed,
but the brokenness inside of me pushed me to resist it.

A hardened heart from a broken heart.
It was only you that could mend it from the start.
Oh Immanuel, meaning God with us.
The simple fact that You’ve always been in us.

A love so deep, I consistently journey.
To accept Your love and remind myself I am worthy.
A love that’s within,
unlocked to shine through.
A love that could change the world,
resides in us…in you.

To build a relationship with Him was what I needed to do.
Continuously and purposefully,
Abba, You always seem to come through.

For God gives more than love…He is Love.

Love that is everywhere around us,
the Sun, the moon, the sky and the community within us.

It is patient, and it is kind.
It is a CHOICE that comes from the mind.

To love one another despite all the hurt,
to sacrifice, to bleed, and to continuously serve.

Love is patient, love is kind.
It is an ACTION that stems form the mind.
The ration of the heart is just a little bit behind,
but the power of love is where it resides.

Love is your power;
you can choose to accept it right here and right now.

To live the way of love,
is a choice for you…for us, to decide.