We asked five individuals from our community to come up with a spoken word piece for Advent. In this edition, “PEAC”, by Bryan.

Peace is for…

The need for peace is greatest during times of war…appreciated only after being ignored. Hippie slang for weak and sore, so maybe you should keep your anger stored cuz at its core, soft times make for soft people, soft people make for hard times, and the hardest of times harden the softest of people. So what’s peace for?

If war is hell, then peace is heaven, and it must be better than what we’ve been givin’ or been gettin’, so tell me then, hell or heaven, which one has the easier admission?…Let peace come to the unforgiven, with their faces hidden, under the weight of shame and sins leaving unsightly scars from battles of contrition.

May peace relieve our burden.

Let peace come to all you warriors fighting, soldiers soldiering on for uniting rights that leave us finding and bursting through those boundaries that bind us from flying.

So let peace be for the strong survivors burdened and blessed with the purpose to know what they are alive for. For when they are at their lowest, they choose to know that they belong somewhere…or to something much higher for them to strive for.

May peace uplift you, my brothers and sisters, to where you belong.

Let peace be a conscientious decision that seeks hidden answers for internal questions given when one is meant to make meaning from the meanninglessness that is, the life that they have been given.

Peace is for those with questions that go unanswered, and leave them raw, exposed with open candor.

Let peace be for the restless spirits seeking earthly calm from demons leering, may silent serenity sing so sweetly as to finally let them hear it.

the need for peace is greatest in times of war, so the greatest peace comes, when Fighting for a peace that tells me it’s worth fighting for.

May be peace be unto you.