At Cypher Church Events, we intentionally include multiple voices so we can hear multiple stories. We do this because stories matter. It’s within stories we capture pieces of ourselves. We hear a moment, trial, or triumph, from someone else and realize–that happened to me! You discover you’re not alone in your own journey.

Think about that journey–your story.

If I asked you: what’s your story? How would you reply?

Would you tell me about your past? Would it be the social media version that only contained the best highlights? Is it defined by how others view you? Would you include the lows as well as the highs?

At Cypher Church, we ask these questions because we’re interested in the real you. We’re interested in your story. Not what’s only on the outside, but what’s on the inside too. It’s in this place where your uniqueness is defined. Your definition today is based on that story inside.

So think about it again, what’s your story? How would you tell it? And how’s your heart doing in your story?

Your story may include pieces of bigger stories. Stories like #blacklivesmatters or #idlenomore. Stories of #ibelieveyou or #metoo. It’s these things wrapped up in your gifts and traits that make you unique–one of a kind.

But we also all share in two features when it comes to stories.

1) Our stories are incomplete. Chapters are being written day-by-day.
2) Our stories past, present, and future, can be made new.

Whether you’re near or far from the life Jesus has in store, there is an invitation that stays the same. It’s the invitation to be made new.

Cypher Church chases this idea of unity found in diversity. We strive to live out the uniqueness of who God has made each of us to be, and chase oneness. That’s different than sameness.

Many have found difficulty, particularly in a religious context, to live out their uniqueness. They’ve discovered they have to change their story in order to fit in. That life in a church was putting more of a weight on their shoulders than Jesus promises–that the weight will be taken off.

Believe in this, no matter your story, past, present, and future, Jesus welcomes you and your story–your uniqueness–and invites you to be made whole.

What’s your story? How would you tell it? And how’s your heart in your story? Find Jesus in your story.