We continue our spoken word series of #changethestory that was presented at our last Cypher Church Event. Here we feature Ryan, a,k,a ‘Rubix’.


Our Father
I rest on the 7th
Hollow feels my veins.
Thy pain will come,
Destruction done,
this earth doesn’t feel like heaven.
Grant us strenght for forgiveness,
ease the heart of the wicked.
As we bleed tears that fall into the chalice of hatred.
Malice in wonderland, Queen of cold hearts.
Black magic tactics, dreams are sold dark.
Sacred name on the dollar bill for the country
that fathers will, hope &
determination to burn the nation.
Humanity is not delivered,
just cold shivers and gold slivers from ropes
that bind heart scars together.
Reign of death showers upon the innocent.
If hell is on earth then maybe the losses were heaven sent.
How do you heal memories of the bleeding deceased?
Reacting with anger might just be feeding the beast.
I can only hope that they were leaving in peace,
media deception, newspaper poker, read em and weep.
Why do we throw shade at people with different shades
as if it seperates us like different age,
Yet we from the same book, each a different page.
Still our animal nature think we in a different cage.
But look around you, we all affected by the same negativity.
Fed the same bullshit perspective thoughts
in our troughs figuratively and literally.
They want us in a constant
state of emergency.
With no hopes of emerging from what burdens we.
Did we already pass the point of no return?
The point we slowly burn?
Is this the only way to learn?
I’d rather have this day for my daily bread
1 gun, 80 dead while my girl still tryin to get her baby fed.
Lady red, you tempt me with lust fast.
So forgive my tendancies when boundaries are trespassed.
It’s give & take, your pain brings out the healer me.
Your earth quakes and I wanna love U so eagerly.
We are responsible for our own worth,
Mother Earth only responds to frequencies,
So our Father
Here’s my hand when you reach for me
but Please
please… guide my people
and help us believe in WE.