On Friday, October 6th, we had our monthly event. As with most of our events, we really have no idea what’s going to happen. We usually open with a style of worship surrounding the cypher. The concept is a circle dance where musicians, lyricists, emcees, dancers, can get together and express. Thanks to Legacy One for joining us as our featured artists.

This particular Friday evening had an additional element. Our world, or at least the portrayal of it, is in turmoil. Growing evil is gaining voice, and the church should be at the forefront to confront this message with something better. Beyond just a Sunday statement, what can we do as Cypher Church to point to better? We asked the community, and they responded in a huge way.

The cypher got off to a hot start and didn’t slow for 45 minutes!

Then we heard from the voices. Nine separate spoken word pieces and poems took the stage. The theme? #changethestory

In the age of indifference we need to change the story to God’s story–a dream to restore the brokenness.

We capped the evening off with our featured artists from Legacy One, and then with communion, a first for a our events. The response? Incredible. A true display of unity in diversity when people of all types, walks, beliefs, drew together around Jesus to stake their claim to #changethestory.

I couldn’t be more proud and encouraged with our church. And now, we continue, to live lives that make the world in a world beautiful.

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P.S. We’re going to feature some of the spoken word pieces throughout the week, so check back for that!