The slowest demographic to pick up the vaccine in our current times are millennials. Not sure why. Perhaps it’s the invincible feeling, maybe it’s the false security that COVID doesn’t harm younger populations. Delta is changing all of that.

Curiously, many faith based communities aren’t helping, rather they are hindering. The spread of misinformation and churches confused about their role in society have created a situation where some Christians actually believe their civil liberties are more important than their Christian witness. Or to be more specific, the protection of rugged individualism is more important than following Jesus.

Conspiracy theories, running rampant in some churches, are now in fact harming people. It’s somewhat surprising that those who claim to have an identity in Christ are so easily swayed by misinformation. In many ways, this reveals how weak Christian formation and character is in many.

The central call for Christians is surrounded by that ‘Golden Rule’. Every religion and society has a version. The Christian one is different in that it is active. DO unto others.

Right now, it seems the choice either DO harm or DO good.

In front of us is a more dangerous time than when this pandemic began. Yea, yea, I know most of you think that getting your vaccine will get us through. It’s definitely crucial and going to help. But we have to come to grips with the risk and how it’s not only the most vulnerable in our midst worth protecting, but everyone.

We also seem to have very little concern about the sharp increase Delta harms children. Although the death rate for fully vaccinated people is low (that means vaccines work admirably well), we are not alert to the widespread long term impacts of the disease. Disabilities from COVID are impacting a lot more people than who winds up counted in the hospital.

Do unto others….

Christians lose their witness when they can’t embody simply calls to love one another and the other. To do so means not only being safe for yourself, but being ACTIVE in the manner you help each other. That means vaccines and health measures.

**We encourage you all to get your vaccine**. Stop listening to conspiracies and lies.

Do better with public health measures. Wear your mask.

Care for each other, because if the first lockdown taught us anything–we’re not better off alone. We’re stronger together, and together is where we want to be again. We’ll get there by embodying the call to be known as Christians by our love for one another.

* If you require help with access, planning, etc., with vaccination, please message us.