When was the last time your life was in chaos? Maybe it’s in a period of turmoil right now?

It really doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, chaotic moments in life will find you.

Often, other people bring chaos into our lives and we have little control over the events. Other times, we are the victims of our own deceit. We do what we don’t wanna do because we gotta get what we don’t need. The results are usually unhealthy. We get stressed out, lose control, we stop living out our full potential.

When chaos hits we try to find answers. Sometimes we try to do the opposite of chaos. That would be something like, “order”, or as someone suggested at our last Cypher Church Event, “purpose”. I think, if chaos leads to a lack of health, then the opposite would be a life of health.

How do you deal with the chaos when it hits? Do you chase more health?

Health isn’t about winning, earning more, or increasing platform. Health is a life where we are living out the fullness of who we are made to be. That includes our whole self of mind, body, and spirit.

How do you build health into your mind, body, and soul?

At Cypher Church we’re obviously interested in your spiritual health because it’s a key part to help make us whole beings.

Right now we’re still in the time of Easter, a core season in the Christian faith. The story of Easter makes bold claims about how Jesus reconciles and restores all of the chaos, disconnect, despair, anxiety, hurt, and pain in your life and in the world.

One of the stories from Easter is the moment Jesus dies on the cross. From the hill down into the city, in one swoop Jesus’ death also cripples the religious systems. It’s said a veil in the holy of holies was torn in two. The veil was a symbol of the separation between God and people. Only the most holy priest once a year could enter the holy of holies room found in the main temple. Today, rather than going through religious, or even spiritual formulas to gain health, something else is offered. You become the potential place to unlock newness in your body, soul, and spirit.

Well not just you, but you and the Spirit of Life. Forget the temple and the intermediaries, you have an option to deal with whatever chaos, disconnect, or hurt in your life. All of this can be turned into health. Your old life can be turned new. Do you want new life?

Push aside whatever is holding you back, and chase health that will unlock the full you. But here’s the thing connected to the Easter story, you cannot see or experience the fullness of what life has for you without the help of God’s Spirit. A source we can invite into our own hearts or spirit to experience the fullness of what life has to give, versus the chaos that hold us back. Which will you choose?