Today is Palm Sunday. It marks seven days until Easter Sunday. The feast celebrates the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem before his last week. In ancient Rome the palms symbolize peace and victory for conquering heroes.

But Jesus had other ideas.

You have to understand a few things about Jesus before this event makes sense. Namely, the vast majority of his message was an effort to subvert common religious mindsets to a new way. What’s incredible is how out of the box his ideas remain to modern religion today.

Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, not a war horse. He was coming to claim victory, but not in the way the people thought he would. Rather, there was an unseen purpose behind his unique approach. All of the evil power, negative energy, whatever you want to call it, was being drawn out to its high point to be ultimately, totally, and completely defeated.

This is what we’re prepping for leading into Holy Week. Everything that holds us back in our lives, all of the disconnect we try to balance, will be taken to be defeated at the cross. All to reveal a way beyond the vanity of religious ideals or rituals where you and I can live out the fullness of who were made to be.

This is the out of the box victory Jesus had in mind.