If you’ve seen the pictures or connected to an event you’ll notice Cypher Church is different. It’s unlike any church service you’ve probably seen. We’re not chasing a different kind of religion, rather, we’re after a movement to transform the people in our city.

Religion says, “believe in the right things and looks like us.” Movement asks how do your gifts and abilities elevate the dream God has to turn all of the wrongs right from your network, neighborhood, city, and beyond.

Cypher Church chases the movement Jesus started. It’s one for the mavericks, the dreamers, the innovators, the pioneers, the artists, the musicians, the lyricists, the emcees, the dancers, the outsiders. You know the ones, people like you, those that don’t fit convention.

The cruelty, power, and prestige of religion has no place in God’s eyes. We know this because it’s the consistent character God reveals. One of those stories is Isaiah 58.

God says,

This is what’s wrong with a life of religion. You’re busy at your services and studying about me. By all outside appearances you follow the rules and look good. But you do those things to be noticed, and to gain my favour. You serve your own interests. You look good on Sunday but fight one another throughout the week. The kind of religion you do, won’t even get your prayers off the ground.

This is the kind of life I want to see. Break the chains of injustice, get rid of exploitation, free the oppressed, cancel your debts, share your food with the hungry, invite the homeless into your homes, put clothes on the shivering, be available to your families.

Do these things and the Lord will guide you continually.

If you get rid of unfair practices, quit blaming other people, gossiping about other’s, give generous to the hungry, your lives will glow in the darkness. You’ll use the old rubble of past lives to build anew. You’ll will be called the repairer of the streets, and restorers of the city.

God’s ultimate concern is ushering in the hope to restore all the brokenness and trash in our world and in our lives. That’s what we chase in our church.

Where do you stand in that?