This is the text from the inaugural Cypher Church event February 17th, 2017.

Do you know what you desire?

The very first Cypher Church event was a gathering of artists, musicians, dancers, emcees, lyricist, dreamers, innovators, mavericks, entrepreneurs, single moms, everyone you would assume as an OUTSIDER of mainstream.

Outsiders have different ideas and think in different ways then what’s expected and average.

Some come from a church background but realize that the ideas they have might differ from the way the church operates. Others might be spiritual but not religious, trying to figure out a voice, and realize that the ideas you have don’t fit mainstream.

Outsiders trying to figure out where we belong and what we desire in life.

There’s a story close to the end of the Bible (Revelation 3) where Jesus is standing on the outside of building with a locked door. He’s knocking on the door waiting for somebody to open it. It’s one of those awkward moments where you can tell people are on the inside and you’re pretty sure they can hear you knock but nobody is opening the door….

The reveal the story is this: Jesus is locked outside of a church gathering! Jesus is an outsider even to the church.

With all the noise coming from the church today, particularly what we hear from the United States, you have to wonder how many churches are locking Jesus out.

Being an outsider means you don’t always fit, yet you can’t exist in a different place because you’re you. Here’s the thing, the outside is exactly where Jesus is! If you’re going to pick a place to stand, standing on the outside with Jesus is the only place you need to be. After that, it’s a journey to figure out how to represent the things that Jesus said were important.

Turns out it’s not things, it’s fundamental THING. One thing that Jesus says, “if you’re going to be about something, be about this….” That one thing?


There are stories about the life and times of Jesus. One called the Gospel of John (John 13 and 15), Jesus says, “you will know who my followers are by one thing, their LOVE for one another.” That’s it.

Earlier in another story found in the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 22), Jesus is asked a question about the greatest commandment. Have you heard about the 10 Commandments? Someone asked him which commandment was the most important. Jesus goes off the list and says, there’s only one and it’s this:

“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your life, and with all your mind…and you must love your neighbour as yourself.”

Love God and your neighbour. The neighbour are the people that don’t look like you. They are outsiders and God says the most important thing? LOVE the outsiders.

Do you know what you desire?

The outside is where you find Jesus. The outsiders are the people Jesus loves.

This isn’t a whimsical fleeting love either. It’s a kind of love that knows no bounds, that goes to the very end where everyone else stops their love, a love that extends as far as any love will go, and then…one step more.

I want this kind of love. Do you?

I believe we all have desires, and the most fundamental desire is to love and be loved. Yet we also struggle to find healthy ways to fill our desire of love. We might fill our desire with stuff we can buy, experiences, or in relationships, bouncing from one person to another. All of these leave our desire for love mostly incomplete.

I don’t know what your worldview is, but for a moment, entertain this idea.

What if there’s a Creator, and humanity is created in the image of this Creator? That would mean our desires are not bad, rather God has desires as well! So the question is: what does God desire?

The answer?

God desires the artists, musicians, dancers, emcees, lyricist, dreamers, innovators, mavericks, entrepreneurs, and the single moms. God desires the outsiders. God desires YOU.

Do you know what you desire?

What if the answer to the desires you’re trying to fill, the very thing you desire at your core, is God? What then?

Cypher Church is a church for the outsiders, those on a journey looking to go deeper in the things that matter in life. We encourage you to connect with us and find out how you can join a smaller group to venture together towards that deeper.