There are so many stories about Jesus healing people. Think about one now.

Maybe the woman who touched the cloak of Jesus and was healed from her bleeding? The men healed from leprosy, blindness, lameness?

Jesus offered (and was THE) a foretaste of what God had in mind for creation–to restore all things. Or to put another way, to right all of the wrongs. That’s why he performed so many miracles. But crazy miraculous healings wasn’t only about restoring someone to physical health. Rather, Jesus knew there was a deeper level.

2000 years ago (and similar today unfortunately), if you suffered from physical problems you were kicked out of community. That left you on the outskirts of everything including the city.

Jesus knew that restoration of physical ailments was a first step, and thatย healing would restore the person BACK to secondCOMMUNITY.

Finding your whole self isn’t tied to merely getting things right in one part of your life. Rather, the fulness of your humanity must be connected into loving community. Here you may also discover God’s love for you as well. Are you connected to community that reaches out to love one another?