We conclude our advent series from our recent Cypher Church Event with this piece by, Natan Yo-el Lenet.

Immanu El’s Light

Its been a long time
that you and I have been
waiting here in darkness, Fatherless..
Huddled around this small fire
holding onto only a promise
a word spoken and prophesied
That a fateful day would arrive
when the sun would dawn
finally shedding hope on the blind
You see,
Its all shadows and grey outside

Ever since we ran from Dad’s home
We’ve been wrestling for control
Self actualized…disguised traps
Starving children on forest pathways
Attacked on all sides by
Lies and accusations like
howling beasts and hidden screams
We’ve, shut our eyes
and cowered, covered in dirt,
branches and leaves…

And then,
after generations of homeless orphans
living under the gloom of death
wandering in anguish…
we heard a voice
of someone
crying out
in the wilderness
Prepare the Way
Make the broken paths Straight

Immanu El
Living, breathing, crying
A Great Light…born of a virgin
This baby arrived.
The One.
Our Dad’s beloved Son.
Sent in the most humble state
To seek us
To gather us together
To call us back in to Daddy’s arms

Do you know it…

[A child has been born – for us!
The gift of a son – for us!
He will take over the leadership of this world
His names are:
Wonderful Counselor
Mighty G-d
Father of Eternity
Prince of Peace

His reign and its peace will never end.
He will rule with fairness and justice from the
throne of his ancestor David for all eternity
The Passion of God of the Angel Armies
will do all this]

[He will live with us.
We will be his people
And He himself, Immanu El, will be our God.
He will wipe away every tear from our eyes
There will no longer be any death.
And there will no longer be any mourning,
crying or pain,
because the old order has passed away.
He will make everything new]
Rev 21

I make all things NEW